Main features and cost analysis of flexible circuit board

- Sep 15, 2018-

1. Flexibility and reliability of flexible circuit

At present, there are four kinds of flexible circuits: single side, double side, multi-layer flexible board and rigid flexible board.

2. Economy of flexible circuit

If the circuit design is relatively simple, the overall volume is not large, and the space is appropriate, the traditional method of interconnection is much cheaper.Flexible circuits are a good design option if the circuit is complex, processes many signals or has special electrical or mechanical performance requirements.Flexible assembly is most economical when the size and performance of the application exceeds the ability of rigid circuits.A flexible circuit with 5mil through hole and 3mil lines and spacing can be made on a thin film.Therefore, it is more reliable to directly attach the chip on the film.Because it does not contain a flame retardant that might be a source of contamination for ion drills.These films may be protective and solidify at higher temperatures, resulting in higher glass temperatures.The cost savings of flexible materials over rigid materials are due to the exemption of connectors.

3. Cost of flexible circuit

Despite these cost factors, the price of flexible assembly is falling, becoming close to that of conventional rigid circuits.The main reason is the introduction of updated materials, improved production process and changed the structure.The current structure makes the product more thermally stable, with few material mismatches.Some newer materials can produce more fine lines because the copper layer is thinner, making the components lighter and more suitable for loading into small Spaces.In the past, copper foil was attached to the adhesive by roller technology. Now, copper foil can be generated directly on the medium without adhesive.These techniques allow you to get copper layers that are a few microns thick, and you get 3m.An even narrower precision line.The flexible circuit after removing some adhesive has the flame retardant property.This can accelerate uL certification process and further reduce the cost.Flexible PCB solder mask and other surface coatings further reduce the cost of flexible assembly.