IPC release

- Oct 17, 2018-

The United States, Illinois, bannockburn, on August 9, 2012 -- the IPC - international association for the electronics industry join ® released the IPC - HDBK - 850 printed circuit board potting materials and packaging process of the design, selection and application of guide.

The new manual covers a wide range of printed circuit board protective materials. As an effective tool, it can help designers and users to select the packaging materials of printed circuit board components.Ipc-hdbk-850 has detailed information on the selection, mixing, coating and blending of each material listed.In addition, also introduced the maintenance skills.

Barry Ritchie, chairman of the IPC sealing and packaging working group at dow corning, said: "no one has ever regulated these materials before.With the development of circuit miniaturization technology, such as fine spacing and on-board chip technology, the reduction of conductor spacing leads to a little moisture which may lead to fault.At the same time, the requirements for reliability of high reliability products and portable products such as aerospace, military and automobile products have also changed.

Many product developers have also been using protective materials for years without standard guidance on protective materials, and Ritchie says this reference guide will help designers and manufacturers save more time because the information they need is in the manual.

This 68-page manual contains more than 50 illustrations to help users better understand the key points of various materials.