Influence of Cooling Rate and Annealing on the DSC Tg of an Epoxy Resin

- Aug 14, 2018-


Multicore Solder Materials 
For decades, Multicore® has been the brand assembly specialists trust for all of their soldering requirements.  Through leading-edge development, backed by the expertise of the industry’s premiere chemists and engineering experts, Multicore solder materials continue to lead the way for next-generation manufacturing.

Always staying ahead of the curve and anticipating market change before it actually happens, Henkel began development of its line of Multicore lead-free products long before the industry at large was even talking about the implications of RoHS.  This forward-thinking mindset is what has yielded the industry’s most reliable, capable and trusted brand in solder.

The Multicore portfolio includes market-leading lead-free solder pastes, tin-lead paste formulations for traditional and crossover manufacturing, flux solutions for dual wave and lead-free processes, cored solder wire, solid solder wire and a host of products for delicate hand soldering and re-work operations.

Solder Paste
Multicore® solder pastes meet the demands of today’s dynamic assembly marketplace. From lead-free to transitional materials, Multicore continues to be the brand SMT professionals trust worldwide.

Cored Wire
The Multicore® portfolio of cored solder wire features the award-winning multiple flux core technology that ensures the even and consistent distribution of flux throughout the solder wire.

Multicore® flux technology provides a variety of formulations for multiple wave soldering processes and delivers compatibility with dual wave, lead-free and VOC-free applications.

Rework Products
For maximum control of delicate re-work and hand soldering applications, skilled technicians around the world count on the Multicore® line of rework products, including desoldering wicks, mini cleaners and fluxes and tip tinners.

Solid Wire
Available in various spool sizes and wire diameters, Multicore® solid wire is available in several alloys, including SAC 305.

Solder Bar
Manufactured to IPC specification J-STD 006, Multicore® solder bar meets the diverse manufacturing needs of today’s assembly professionals.

For electronics assembly, Loctite Chipbonder® surface mount adhesives are the products of choice for modern mixed technology and surface-mount applications. When the industry made its move to surface-mount technology (SMT) in the 1980’s, Loctite Chipbonder was there to herald the new age in electronics manufacturing and facilitate the ability to wave solder surface mount components on mixed technology printed circuit boards and double-sided SMT boards. 

Now, as the industry transitions to lead-free manufacturing, Henkel is delivering next-generation materials to comply with Pb-free production. And, this includes not only the Chipbonder materials, but Loctite CSP (chip scale package) underfills for enhanced reliability of next-generation packaging devices, Loctite Thermal Interface materials to meet the demands of heat generating components and Loctite printed circuit board (PCB) protection products to extend the longevity of PCBs that are subjected to harsh environments.

When it comes to advances in semiconductor packaging technologies and mold compounds, Henkel’s widely acclaimed Hysol® line of products is without compare. 

Through years of dedicated research and expertise gained from practical, in-field applications, the Hysol portfolio has amassed a full suite of materials solutions for modern semiconductor and electronics packaging processes.  From the most innovative die attach materials formulations to liquid encapsulants to package level underfills and low-stress, high strength mold compounds for semiconductor and optoelectronics applications, the products that fall under the Hysol brand are synonymous with reliability, performance, cost effectiveness and ease-of-use.

The Hysol line of products also complies with the latest environmental legislation, delivering “Green” and lead-free compatible materials as the industry moves toward more environmentally-friendly manufacturing.  

Automotive Electronics 
Electronics in automobiles have grown substantially in the last decade and are only expected to increase as cars become more intelligent, energy-efficient, safer and more comfortable. With more function comes