In the next five years the most anticipated industry PCB.

- Feb 03, 2018-

     In the cloud, 5 g network construction, big data, artificial intelligence, sharing economy, industrial 4.0, Internet of things such as accelerating the evolution of environment, as the "mother of the electronic products of PCB industry will become the backbone of continuity in the electronic industry chain.

     The global PCB market will maintain moderate growth over the next five years, and Asia, especially China, has gradually become the most important production base for electronic information products in the world.

    In recent years, the PCB industry has entered a period of adjustment due to factors such as the world's major electronics industry.According to statistics, the total output value of PCB industry in 2016 reached $542.1 billion, down by 2.0% year on year.However, in the same period, China's PCB market industry has maintained a growth trend. In 2016, it increased by 1.5 percent compared with 2015, and global PCB production resumed growth in 2017.According to the forecast, global PCB industry output will continue to grow in the next few years, and the global PCB industry will reach us $60.42 billion by 2021.

     Migration at the same time, along with the electronic information industry chain, in the next five years, Asia will continue to dominate the development of the global PCB market, while China unshakeable manufacturing centre in Asia market, mainland China PCB industry will keep the compound growth rate of 3.4%, the industry output value of 2021 is expected to reach $32.042 billion.By contrast, Japan and the European PCB market are expected to decline due to the overall economic weakness, but the global market will continue to grow at a compound rate of 2.2 per cent.

     The PCB output growth rate of each country and region is expected in the next five years.


      The development trend of PCB industry is "large scale and centralization"

      According to statistics, the market share of the top five PCB manufacturers in the world has increased from 10.80% in 2006 to 21.84% in 2016.Large PCB manufacturer accumulation of competitive advantage, expand the scale of operation, high entry barriers, enhance profitability, increasingly dominant in the competition, make the industry increasingly presents "large-scale, centralization" situation.

     The development of the downstream application field drives the development of the PCB industry, and the Internet of things, automobile electronics, industry 4.0, cloud server and storage device will become the new direction driving the demand growth of PCB.

      In the field of downstream application, communication electronics, consumer electronics and computer field have become the three applications of PCB.Currently under the background of global economic recovery, communications electronics industry demand is relatively stable, the consumer electronics industry hotspot now, at the same time, car electronics, medical equipment and other downstream market demand for new start.In the future, with the emerging demand of automotive electronics, wearable devices, industrial control, medical devices and other downstream areas, the PCB industry will usher in a new growth point.

     SLP will become a big manufacturer of PCB.

     As current can meet the requirements of mobile space and the signal transmission at the same time the optimization of the product, SLP (substrate - like PCB, namely advanced HDI board) the production and promotion step by step will break the ecological industry, some enterprises occupy the first mover advantage is expected to take this opportunity to further expand the lead, SLP market scale in the last three years is expected to appear explosive growth.

    For a long time to come, Shenzhen Found will continue to be the backbone of China's PCB industry.Our PCB manufacturing services offer a wide range PCBs, from standard PCBs to custom PCBs such as normal FR4, thick copper, high-Tg, halogen-free, HDI, aluminum, flex and flex-rigid and high-frequency PCBs, etc.