IC disassembly method for multiple pin pin on circuit board

- Oct 17, 2018-

IC disassembly method for multiple pin pin on circuit board

Medical hollow needle disassembly.

Take a few hollow needles of medical size 8 to 12.When using PCB board, it is better that the internal warp of the needle fits the integrated block pin.When disassembled, solder the solder with soldering iron to melt the solder. Timely cover the solder with a needle. Then open the soldering iron and rotate the needle.The pin is thus completely separated from the board.After all the pins have been done, the assembly can be easily removed.

Tin absorber removal of tin.

Disassemble the integrated block with a soldering machine, which is a professional method in common use. The tool used is ordinary soldering and welding electric soldering iron, and the power is over 35W.When the integrated block is removed, simply put the dual-use electric soldering iron head on the assembly block pin to be removed. When the solder solder is melted, it will be sucked into the fine tin machine, and the integrated block can be removed after the solder of all the pins has been absorbed.

The utility brush is combined with the disassembly method.

This method is simple and easy to do, as long as there is an electric iron and a small brush can be.Remove the block by heating the soldering iron until the solder on the pin is melted. Use the brush to remove the solder.This enables the integrated block pins to be separated from the PCB.The method can be done separately or separately.Finally, use a pair of tweezers or a small "one" screwdriver to pry down the block.

Multistrand copper wire suction tin removal method.

It is to use multi-ply copper core plastic wire, remove the plastic outer skin, use multi-ply copper core wire (can use short thread head).Apply rosin alcohol solution to multiple strands of copper core wire before use. After the electric iron is heated, place multiple strands of copper core wire on the integrated block pin for heating. In this way, the solder on the pin will be absorbed by the copper wire.Braided wire inside the shield wire can also be used if possible.As soon as the solder is finished, use tweezers or a small "one" screwdriver to gently pry the integrated block off.

Melting disassembly with solder.

This method is a convenient method. The PCBA OEM OEM materials only need to add some solder to the integrated block pin to be disassembled, so that the solder points of each column of pins can be connected, which facilitates heat transfer and disassembly.Use electric soldering iron to pry and pry each column of pins with pointed tweezers or small "one" screwdriver. Rotate the two rows of pins until they are removed.Under normal circumstances, each column of pin heating twice can be removed.