How to make a better phone technically

- Oct 20, 2018-

On November 16, 2013, the CHTF electronics show kicked off in shenzhen.The 10th China mobile phone manufacturing technology BBS CMMF2013 jointly held by the communication equipment manufacturing technology committee of China communication association and the creative times exhibition was also held in shenzhen on schedule.

In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of smart phones, the domestic mobile phone industry has also achieved rapid development. In addition to established manufacturers like zte and huawei, other white brand manufacturers have also risen rapidly.As the center of mobile phone manufacturing, it becomes very important to follow the trend of large screen, ultra-thin, narrow frame, multi-function and so on to create a mobile phone that meets the above functions and can guarantee its reliability.

At the conference, senior director of huawei terminal Luo Dewei, zte mobile phone DFX director and process always spare hongfa, se putian innovation department director fan, the Great Wall development engineering technical director cai-ying he, advanced products manager zhi-guo wu, Fuji, mechanical assembly system's technical director ChengShiWei, Liu Jingming NordsonASYMTEK China technical support manager, Korea advanced science and technology university KyungW. Paik professor a number of manufacturing experts such as speech on the stage, to talk about how to make a better phone.

The component is miniaturized, and the installation technology is the key

As huawei's senior director of terminal, Andy rodway, said, "smartphones are now moving in the direction of being thin, light and small in terms of manufacturing technology."This requires the manufacture of smaller components.And we know that there are three major areas of smartphone manufacturing. The first part is PCB manufacturing, which is the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, and then the surface patch, and then the field of chip packaging.Therefore, the future of how to apply the 03015 ultra-small components on mobile phones to the critical patch work, is a matter of great concern.

To carry out the assembly of this kind of small product with high precision, high yield and high speed, the requirements for the manufacturer of the patch machine are higher and higher.Fuji, as an outstanding representative, will follow these trends and make every effort to provide customers with better and more reliable products and services, stressed sheng shiwei, technical director of Fuji machinery China.

Shengzong takes 03015 components as an example, because the product pursues miniaturization, then the pasting of this size product becomes each big manufacturer to overcome difficulty.Fuji as a mechanical background manufacturer, in the manufacturing has obvious advantages.In the case of the patch machine's solder paste head, since the 03015 original is very thin, if that head is very heavy, it will be difficult to control strength and accuracy according to Newton's law.Fujifilm's H24 is capable of lifting its weight from 3.7kg to 2.6kg, while it has more mouths on top and speeds up.Higher precision and speed can be achieved from lightness.

According to the pre-conference and Fuji machinery class President takuyoshi maru learned that the current number of manufacturers can be pasted on 03015, and Fuji is the first one.He also told us that the accuracy and performance of the SMT machine are the two most important parts, which is what Fuji is good at.

Talking about the future development of 03015, takino youmaru believed that only in 2016, this type of component will enter the application of explosive growth.According to him, 03015 should be first used by module manufacturers, which will introduce it to mobile phones and wearable devices.Mr. Wu also Shared his views on the Chinese market, in addition to working with zte, huawei and other companies to advance advanced technology and equipment.I'm also optimistic about the future development of wearable devices.In the face of such miniaturization development trend, fujifilm is currently studying the pasting technology of 0201 in the hope of once again going ahead of the trend technology in the future.