How to judge the quality of PCB

- Aug 11, 2017-

First of all, PCB as a printed circuit board, mainly to provide electronic components between the mutual connection. Color and performance is not directly related to the different pigments will not have an impact on electrical properties. The performance of PCB board is determined by the material (high Q value), wiring design and several layers of board. However, in the process of washing the PCB, black is the most likely to cause chromatic aberration, if the PCB factory use of raw materials and production process slightly deviations, will be due to color difference caused by the increase in PCB non-performing rate. This directly leads to increased production costs.

In fact, PCB raw materials are common in our daily life, that is, glass fiber and resin. Glass fiber and resin, hardening, into a kind of insulation, insulation, and not easy to bend the board, this is the PCB substrate. Of course, the light by glass fiber and resin combined with the PCB substrate is not conductive signal, so on the PCB substrate, manufacturers will cover a layer of copper on the surface, so PCB substrate can also be called copper clad substrate.

Because the black PCB circuit line is difficult to identify will increase the research and development and after-sale stage maintenance and commissioning of the difficulty, generally if there is no skill Deep rd (Research and development) design staff and the strength of a strong maintenance team's brand, is not easy to use black PCB. It can be said that the use of black PCB is a brand of RD design and maintenance team has confidence in the performance, from the side, is also the manufacturer of their own strength of confidence in a manifestation.

Based on the above reasons, the major manufacturers in the selection of PCB design for the product, will be considered carefully. Therefore, the formation of the year when the market large shipments of most products using red PCB, green PCB or blue PCB version, only in the high-end or top-level flagship products to see the black PCB, so customers do not think black pcb better than the green PCB.