How do PCB designs set up automatic wiring?

- Nov 17, 2018-

1. Set the Clearance Constraint: define the minimum space between two pixels at the same level of work, such as the distance between Pad and Track.You can double-click it or click Properties to enter the safety spacing parameter setting dialog box for parameter setting, including PCB design wiring scope and PCB design wiring Attributes.

2. Set Rules Corners: define the shape of the corner and the minimum and maximum permissible dimensions for PCB design wiring

3. Set PCB design Routing Layers: it is used to set the working level of PCB design wiring and the Routing direction of each PCB design wiring layer. In its PCB design wiring properties, it can respectively set the top and bottom PCB design wiring directions

4. Set PCB design Routing Priority: the program allows users to set the order of PCB design Routing for each network. The high-priority PCB design is early and the low-priority PCB design is late.There are 101 priority options with 0 ~ 100, with 0 lowest and 100 highest

5. Setting of PCB design Routing Topology: defines the rules for PCB design Routing between pins and pins

6. Setting of a Routing Via Style: used to define the type and related dimensions of a Routing between layers

7. Set the Width Constraint of PCB design: define the maximum and minimum allowable values of the wire Width when PCB design the wiring