From imitation to automatic labelling machine PCB copy board continuous innovation

- Nov 17, 2018-

As China's "world factory" was developing, automation equipment and industrial robots also came into being.Among them, as an indispensable part of modern packaging machinery, labelling machine also started from the simple imitation of foreign products and technologies to semi-automatic design, then fully automatic design, and now humanized automation.These three processes exactly reflect the cyclic progressive role of modern PCB technology in them.

Analysis of PCB copying concept

PCB copy board also is often referred to as PCB copy board, PCB cloning, PCB reverse design, etc., it is on the premise of have electronic product, use a variety of research of reverse against launching products PCB file and BOM list, SCH principle diagram of a full set of technical data, then use these data to complete parsing product technology principle and application research, and through the PCB plate proofing system, circuit board welding, assembling, debugging process to implement electronic products such as generic cloning process.

Second innovation in board copying

Of course, in this process, we do not just blindly copy foreign technology or products, but integrate foreign advanced technology and domestic traditional technology, and develop the labelling machine suitable for the production mode of our characteristic factories.Which is often referred to as secondary development, secondary innovation or change PCB board, it is in the PCB copy board after digestion and absorption, and innovation and improvement research, can be realized in a short period of time various types of electronic products rapid upgrade, can also be on the basis of adding new functionality or for product features to PCB design, this product will have a new function with the fastest speed and a new attitude, not only have their own intellectual property rights, can win the market.

Copy board innovation for labeling machine to solve the crisis

In view of the current labelling machine to automation, humanization direction of development, labelling machine manufacturers always meet such and such problems, commodity packaging needs and requirements constantly improve, price war continuously, foreign labelling machine to seize the market, and so on.The flexibility of PCB plates, high quality and low price are particularly important, as shown in the following situations:

When customers choose the design scheme of labelling machine, they make a wrong bet and produce similar or more competitive products in the market, which will waste a lot of time and manpower for the manufacturer to redevelop.Electronics is about speed. So what?At that time the best way is to copy the PCB board business cooperation, such as: a professional PCB copy board remit day science and technology ( based on the secondary development of labeling machine the original prototype (including hardware and software secondary development function secondary development) products of alienation on a business trip, to distinguish it from other similar products, at the same time, the remittance day can also according to customer demand increase the humanized function of science and technology, such as visual functions of beautiful, safe, extensible, and so on, and can change after the plate will upgrade product out quickly, secondary innovation to occupy the top height.

In general, from the simple imitation of foreign products at the beginning to the humanized automation at present, labelling machines are inseparable from the silent support and assistance of this batch of excellent PCB copying enterprises.Although in most people's eyes, independent innovation and PCB copying are the contrast between flowers and cow dung, they are actually nourishing each other in growth, and because of the PCB copying technology has opened a new road for China's numerous rising stars!