FPC circuit board terminology

- Nov 03, 2018-

FPC is a flexible circuit board. The flexible circuit board is made of polyimide or polyester film.Referred to as soft board or FPC, it has the characteristics of high density, light weight and thin thickness of wiring.

FPC is mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, pdas, digital cameras, LCM and many other products.

1. Access Hole

Often referred to as the protective Coverlay on the outer surface of the soft plate (a perforated hole that must be punched out first), used for bonding on the surface of the soft plate line as a solder mask.However, it is necessary to expose the hole wall or square welding pad required for welding, so as to facilitate the welding of parts.A "Access Hole" is a Hole in the surface layer that allows the outside world to "get close" to a solder spot on the surface beneath the surface layer.Some laminates also have these openings.

2, Acrylic Acrylic

Polyacrylic resin is commonly known, most of the soft plate use its thin film, as the next film use.

3, Adhesive glue or adhesives

A substance, such as a resin or paint, that enables two interfaces to bond.

4. Anchoring adhesion

On the middle plate or single panel, in order to make the hole welding pad on the board surface has a stronger adhesion property, can be in its hole ring outside the surplus space, and additional add a few finger claws, so that the hole ring is more consolidated, to reduce the possibility of floating from the board surface.

5. Bandability bending

A feature of the Dynamic Flex Board, such as the Print Heads of computer disk drives, which is attached to the Board, shall be of a "bending test" of a billion times.

6. Bonding Layer Bonding Layer, then Layer

Usually refers to the film layer of a multilayer board, or TAB roll, or the plate of a flexible board, its copper-clad layer with polyamide (PI) substrates.

7. Coverlay/Cover Coat

The outer line of the soft plate is not easy to be soldered with the green paint used by the hard plate as it may fall off when bending.It is necessary to use a soft "compression force" layer to press on the surface of the plate, which can be used as a solder mask and protect the outer line, as well as enhance the resistance and durability of the soft plate. This special "outer membrane" is specially called surface shield or protective layer.

8. Dynamic Flex(FPC) Dynamic software board

Refers to a flexible circuit board that needs to be used for continuous movement.In addition, there is a "Static FPC", which means a kind of soft board that no longer has any action after being properly assembled.

9, Film Adhesive Film, then sticking membrane

Refers to the following layer of dry lamination, film that can contain reinforcing fiber cloth, or the thin layer that only contains reinforcing material, such as the next layer of FPC.

10. Flexible Printed Circuit,FPC software board

It is a kind of special circuit board, which can make the shape change of three dimensional space when assembled in the downstream. Its substrate is flexible polyimide (PI) or polyester (PE).This kind of soft board is also similar to hard board, can make plated through hole or surface sticky pad, to carry out through hole insert or surface sticky.The surface of the plate can also be attached with Cover Layer for soft protective and anti-welding purposes, or printed with soft anti-welding green paint.

11. Flexural Failure deflection damage

As a result of repeated bending and bending, the material (sheet) is broken or damaged, which is called Flexural Failure.

12. Kapton polyimide soft material

This is the commercial name of dupont products, is a kind of "polyimide" thin sheet of insulating soft material. After being attached with rolled copper foil or electroplated copper foil, soft plate (FPC) can be made.

13. Membrane Switch Switch

With transparent Mylar film as the carrier, the screen printing method imprints SilverPastes (or silver paste) on the thick film line, and then matches the hollowed gasket with the protruding panel or PCB, which becomes the "touch control" switch or keyboard.This small "key" device is often used in hand-held calculators, electronic dictionaries, as well as some household appliances remote control, are called "thin film switch".

14, Polyester control-insistent pang Polyester chip

Referred to as PET chip, the most common product of dupont company, MylarFilms, is a material with good electrical resistance.Its imaging in circuit board industry dry film on the surface of the transparent protective layer, and soft board (FPC) prevent welding Coverlay is PET film surface, and it can too as silver paste printing film lines (MembraneCircuit) of the substrate, the other can also be used as a cable in the electronics industry, transformer, insulation of wire coil or more IC of tubular in such use.

15. Polyimide (PI) polyiiamide

It is a fine resin synthesized by Bismaleimide and Aromaticdiamine. It was first named Kerimid 601 powder resin product launched by Rhone Poulenc of France.Dupont made it into a sheet called Kapton.This PI board is superior in heat resistance and electrical resistance. It is an important raw material for soft board (FPC) and tape auto-bonding (TAB).

16. Reel to Reel operation

In order to save the time and labor cost of single-piece operation, some electronic parts and components, such as TAB, IC metal Frame and FPC, can be produced.