FOUND PCB design

- Feb 03, 2018-

PCB design mainly involves product categories.
Network equipment
Bluetooth devices
C. KU band high frequency head.
Large router
Digital camera, digital video camera.
Other high precision electronic products.
Laptop motherboard.
DVB, satellite receiver.
Wireless communication module
PCB board
Mobile phone, little smart phone, walkie-talkie.
DVD, portable visual equipment.

PCB design service advantage.
1. Strong backing, senior expert.
The senior expert of Beijing dragon computer research institute provides technical guidance and technical support to provide the most powerful guarantee for your PCB design quality.
2. Strict process and standard guarantee.
Rigorous design process, meticulous research and development team; Perfect design specification and classic case, minimize your design risk.
3. Close-fitting service, scale team.
Shenzhen and Beijing service network, to create the best communication; Strong design team to meet the unexpected needs of customers in any situation.
4. Self-owned software to improve efficiency.
Specially set up the platform group, develop the tool software that accords with own characteristic to the existing platform, greatly improve work efficiency, shorten design cycle.
5. Keep up with the frontier and keep pace with The Times.
Keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry, follow the cutting-edge technology of the industry, and communicate with the leading edge of the industry to ensure the best guarantee for high-end design.
PCB design technology advantages manufacturability, testability, assembly design (DFM, DFT, DFA)

High-density, blind buried PCB design (High Density, B/B PCB design)

Thermal consideration in PCB design

Design process optimization

New design methodology or technology

PCB stack-up optimal design

Signal Integrity simulation & analysis

Board level EMC design (EMC in board design)

Power Integrity analysis

SI application in practical product design

Product PCB design technique for a certain product

Design skill dealing with Power signals

Team work in PCB design

EDA software's practical function and application (EDA software advanced function & application)

New product design, Simulation software (Introduct the new layout & Simulation)

IC package design technique

Design for Cost-down consideration