Engineering Quotation and maintenance of PCB

- Aug 11, 2017-

Project Quotation

⒈ According to customer's request free design circuit, oil circuit, gas road, line diagram. According to the size of the project, material selection, equipment selection, should be one weeks to the customer quotation.

Distribution of processing plants

2. Circuit board processing plants in the north and south are distributed, the South do multi-layer PCB more, the north is a single-sided pcb more, mainly rigid printed boards, aluminum substrates, Xiangyu circuit board.


PCB in use, should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that the circuit board working in good condition and reduce the circuit board failure rate.

Equipment Maintenance

The maintenance of the circuit board in use is divided into the following several cases:

1, half maintenance:

⑴ Quarterly on the circuit board dust cleaning, can be used to clean the circuit board cleaning Liquid cleaning, the circuit board dust after cleaning, with a hair dryer will be the circuit board blow Dry can.

⑵ observation Circuit of the electronic components have not been high temperature traces, electrolytic capacitors have not blown up leakage phenomenon, if there should be replacement.

2. Annual Maintenance:

The ⑴ clears the dust on the circuit board.

⑵ to the circuit board in the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor sampling, such as found that the capacity of electrolytic capacitors below the nominal capacity of 20%, should be replaced, the general electrolytic capacitor life of 10 years or so should be replaced to ensure that the performance of the circuit board.

⑶ for coated with heat-dissipating silicone high power devices, should check the heat dissipation silicone grease has not dry solid, for dry solid should be dry-solid cooling silicone grease after removal, coated with a new thermal grease, to prevent the circuit board of high-power devices due to heat dissipation and burn.