Effective measures to reduce the cost of printed circuit production

- Oct 20, 2018-

As a measure to reduce the production cost of rigid multi-layer printed circuit board, we can start from the type, size, processing technology and materials of printed circuit board. 

1. Impact of printed circuit board size design on cost

The original size of the copper plate is too large, so it is inconvenient to be processed. Sometimes, it cannot even be processed in the printed circuit board processing equipment, so it needs to be cut into several pieces of processed size copper plate first.The specific size of the printed circuit board shall be determined according to the processing equipment, the size of each printed circuit board and some process parameters.These parameters in addition to outside need to the length and width of the printed circuit graphics itself, but also to frame fixed on the printed circuit board of electronic products that are consumed in the screw hole width, shape machining allowance, the technology of electroless plating, plating and corrosion of fixture clamping allowance, multilayer printed circuit board at the time of the dowel allowance, interlayer registration mark allowance, printed circuit board production manufacturer of marking allowance, printed circuit board edge width, etc., some process parameters recommended value to apply copper manufacturer or distributor.During the production and processing of the printed circuit, it can be determined according to the above data how many pieces of processed size are cut into a large original size copper plate, whether it is cut lengthwise or crosswise, and whether it can be cut or not. 

FIG. 4.86 is an example of cutting a copper sheet in original size.It is to cut a piece of original size copper plate into 4 processing size copper plate, and each processing size of copper plate contains 6 printed circuit boards.If the longitudinal size of the printed circuit board is increased by 1mm, then each prefabricated copper plate can only be cut into 4 printed circuit boards, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of printed circuit boards to 150% of the cost of 6 printed circuit boards.Thus it can be seen that the importance of reasonable design of printed circuit board size according to the original size of copper clad board.