Development of consumable standards for processing trade of electronic products in 2018

- Nov 03, 2018-

Recently, in the joint notice issued by the general administration of customs and the development and reform commission, "the department office plus letter [2012] no. 25", our association undertook the development of the single consumption standard for processing trade of electronic products and the research task of a subject. The eight standards are: CBB60, CBB61 and CBB21 metallized polypropylene film capacitor;0201, 0805, 1206 chip inductors (MLCI);0201, 1206 chip resistor;The research topic is the research of power inductor and OLED's single consumption verification method. 

This work is undertaken by CLP information center.The information center is working hard to ensure the completion of this year's single-consumption standard research and development tasks on time and in good quality. 

After this work is approved, it will bring great convenience for processing trade enterprises to declare and cancel customs duties. 

Prior to this, CLP information center has completed the single-consumption standard and subject research of chip ceramic capacitors, chip resistors, partial chip laminated inductors, miniature loudspeakers, chip tantalum electrolytic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, security capacitor and other partial film capacitors.In the process of making unit consumption standards, the r sound, song, acoustics, amount to electroacoustic, rich port, guangdong dongguan elegance, dongguan YuYang huake, taiyo yuden, shenzhen, Shanghai kyocera, panasonic, samsung, samsung motor high motor components (jiangmen), American (suzhou), vishay (huizhou), huarong, EPCOS, zhuhai in guangdong ChengGao, along the winding electronics, microgate technology, lung (suzhou), says (dongguan), Qingdao three jade-like stone, your work, capxon electronic, nichicon, jianghai capacitor, CLP dacheng, hualian xing, east crystal electronic, tangshan crystal source, xiamen hongfa, tyco, omron, and other enterprises in shenzhen's strong support,Here I would like to express my heartfelt thanks!At the same time, we hope to get active cooperation from other related enterprises when formulating the new consumption standard and subject research.