Combined with MDA-EDA PCB electronic thermal simulation solution

- Nov 17, 2018-

During the design verification phase, MDA and EDA are not well connected.Recently, MentorGraphics company has launched an electronic cooling scheme -FloTHERMXT which can cover from the conceptual PCB design stage to the PCB design verification stage. It supports thermal simulation testing in all PCB design stages. It is the first solution combined with mda-eda electronic cooling simulation, which can significantly shorten the process time from concept to detailed PCB design.

Used throughout the PCB design phase

Taking a tp-link PCB design as an example, FloTHERMXT can help engineers carry out electronic cooling simulation at any time from the conceptual PCB design stage to the PCB design verification stage.In the design stage of product concept PCB, the engineer can directly establish or import the required components from the existing software library for the initial PCB concept layout, and then place the external chassis, and observe the placement position and direction from different angles, as well as the size and thickness of components and other parameters that may affect the heating of the system.At this time, the system thermal simulation test can be conducted to observe the heating situation of all components on the PCB. If there is overheating, the PCB design can be modified, such as adding ventilation holes or heat sinks, and observe the flow situation of air flow after PCB design changes.After entering the actual PCB design, the engineer can directly import the completed PCB design from the EDAPCB design tool, and after simplification (filter non-heating device), import FloTHERMXT for the thermal simulation analysis of PCB.At the same time, the components can also be thermal analysis and adjustment.Finally, MDA enclosure was imported into the system to conduct thermal simulation of the whole PCB design in the simulation application environment. After meeting the PCB design requirements, specific simulation results report was derived.No plug-ins, no viruses

Shorten the process time

In addition to combining mda-eda, it provides a complete electronic cooling simulation solution for covering the PCB design stage to the PCB design verification stage. Compared with the traditional process, the optimized electronic cooling process after FloTHERMXT greatly saves the running time.Traditional and EDA/MDA method is complicated and time consuming to work, from the MDA import, must first clear to simplify, export and CAD geometry, and then to assembly model and network partitioning, solving and post-processing and report generation steps, usually, network partitioning and solving steps (batch) is not easy to succeed, fail to repeat the previous step, result in run time is too long.The grid partitioning step faces the same problem when importing from EDA.Repeated validation leads to wasted PCB design time.The cooperation of EDA/MDA after FloTHERMXT optimization can greatly shorten the time of PCB design process.When imported from MDA, additional details can be filtered directly. The FloTHERMXT filter can also set up automatic memory, which greatly saves the time of assembly model and network partitioning, as well as reference the original file and the content of automatic memory.When importing from EDA, via the FloEDA interface, it also saves processing steps and shortens the running time.

FloTHERMXT application domain

FloTHERMXT changed the original electronic cooling processing simulation test can only be carried out only after completion of PCB design, support starting from the concept stage simulation, throughout the entire process of PCB design, late in the process of PCB design, fewer iteration steps can be faster to verify or eliminate the changes of experimental through the "what-if" more, obtain better competitive products, reduce our dependence on thermal experts, narrowed the gap of EDA and MDA to work together, help customers to develop more competitive and the reliability of the products, to achieve a shorter time to market the products.It is widely used in the fields of electric credit router, computer graphics card, pump controller in car, smart phone, medical and aviation, etc., which can help customers improve the efficiency of PCB design and the reliability of products.