Ceramic Interconnect Technology Handbook

- Aug 04, 2018-



Solid Wire
Available in various spool sizes and wire diameters, Multicore® solid wire is available in several alloys, including SAC 305.

Solder Bar
Manufactured to IPC specification J-STD 006, Multicore® solder bar meets the diverse manufacturing needs of today’s assembly professionals.

For electronics assembly, Loctite Chipbonder® surface mount adhesives are the products of choice for modern mixed technology and surface-mount applications. When the industry made its move to surface-mount technology (SMT) in the 1980’s, Loctite Chipbonder was there to herald the new age in electronics manufacturing and facilitate the ability to wave solder surface mount components on mixed technology printed circuit boards and double-sided SMT boards. 

Now, as the industry transitions to lead-free manufacturing, Henkel is delivering next-generation materials to comply with Pb-free production. And, this includes not only the Chipbonder materials, but Loctite CSP (chip scale package) underfills for enhanced reliability of next-generation packaging devices, Loctite Thermal Interface materials to meet the demands of heat generating components and Loctite printed circuit board (PCB) protection products to extend the longevity of PCBs that are subjected to harsh environments.