CB circuit board how to design heat dissipation

- Aug 11, 2017-

PCB Factory: How to design cooling circuit board

For electronic equipment, the work will produce a certain amount of heat, so that the internal temperature of the equipment rise rapidly, if the heat is not distributed in time, the equipment will continue to heat up, the device will be due to overheating and failure, the reliability of electronic equipment will decline. Therefore, it is very important for the circuit board to have a good heat dissipation process. PCB circuit board Cooling is a very important link, then the PCB circuit board cooling technology is how, next we will discuss under.

1, through the PCB plate itself to dissipate the current widely used PCB plate is copper/epoxy glass cloth or phenolic resin glass cloth substrate, there is a small number of used paper base copper clad material. Although these substrates have excellent electrical properties and processing performance, but poor heat dissipation, as a high heating element of the heat dissipation pathway, can hardly be expected by the PCB itself resin conduction heat, but from the surface of the components to the surrounding air cooling. But with the electronic products have entered into the miniaturization of components, high-density installation, high heating assembly era, if only rely on a very small surface area of the components to dissipate heat is very not enough. At the same time because of QFP, BGA and other surface mounting components of the use of large quantities of heat to the PCB board, therefore, the best way to solve the heat dissipation is to improve the direct contact with the heating components of the PCB's own thermal capacity, through the PCB board conduction out or out.

2, high heating device plus radiator, heat conduction plate when the PCB has a few devices with a large calorific value (less than 3) when the heating device can add radiators or heat pipe, when the temperature is not down, you can use a fan with the radiator to enhance the cooling effect. When the number of heating devices (more than 3), you can use a large heat sink (plate), it is based on the PCB plate on the location of the heating device and high and low custom-designed radiator or in a large plate radiator to pick out different components high-low position. The cooling hood is integrally fastened on the component surface, and the heat dissipation is contacted with each component. However, due to the high and low consistency of the components, the heat dissipation effect is not good. Usually on the component surface, add a soft thermal phase change heat conductive pad to improve the heat dissipation effect.

3, for the use of free convection air cooling equipment, it is best to integrate the integrated circuit (or other devices) in a longitudinal manner, or in a long way to arrange.