Causes and prevention of wrinkle on epoxy floor surface

- Oct 17, 2018-

In the drying process of epoxy floor coating, due to the difference of drying speed between the inner layer and the surface layer, the surface layer shrinks sharply and folds upward, causing the surface of epoxy floor coating to be wrinkled, uneven or irregular.

Cause: the volatile solvent content in the coating is too much, so that the film did not flow flat, the viscosity increases sharply, so that the surface layer is prematurely dry hard and the inner layer is sealed by the air can not dry through, resulting in wrinkles;

Avoid method: should control as far as possible the amount of volatile solvent, adjust coating formula.

Causes: the proportion of cobalt, manganese, lead or zinc in the drying agent is out of balance, the dosage of cobalt and manganese drying agent is too high, which makes the surface of epoxy floor coating dare not to dry, resulting in surface shrinkage and wrinkle.

Avoid method: pay attention to the proportion of various drying agents, should be more lead, zinc rush, less cobalt, manganese drying agents.

Causes: excessive construction viscosity, thick epoxy floor coating;

Avoid method: the viscosity of epoxy floor coating should not be too large, and the film should not be too thick.

Causes: after construction, the epoxy coating on the ground floor is exposed to the early high temperature environment, causing the coating surface to dry too quickly;

Avoid method: it is not suitable to work under the environment of hot sun exposure. If it is necessary to bake, the baking temperature should not be too high and the exhaust air quantity should not be too large.