Application of PCB circuit board factory.

- Feb 03, 2018-

1. Six-axis multi-joint robot is used for AOI detection process.

Traditional AOI scanning machine is to rely on artificial board, frame and plate, a person look after the two machines doing repetitive actions every day, and just make good circuit board will also send out a pungent smell bring certain harm to human body, AOI scanning machine emits infrared light is an invisible killer.We use a six axis multi-joint robot, replace workers responsible for two of the AOI plate, frame and plate, each class can be completed more than seven hundred pieces of PCB board, release the integrated efficiency can reach 1 piece/min (including AOI machine scanning time).If we can further connect the upper and lower feeding line with the loader, and connect the AGV to the fixed line, we can realize the complete automatic production of the upper and lower processes.

2. SCARA robot is used for the detection process of circuit board coil.

The laminated coil short circuit of a complete set of testing equipment, also very few on the market, most of the testing equipment is dependent on human, aperture large PCB board is artificial open board into the testing equipment and test equipment, aperture small PCB board need artificial carrying equipment (probe) to testing for each coil.We can use the SCARA robot to complete the upper and lower parts of the detection equipment and the positioning, and realize the one-time detection of all the coils of the board of the large aperture.To the small pore size of the board, we use SCARA fixed probe device performs end, through visual positioning, use the probe to each coil for testing, our equipment is also effectively avoid the manual operation because the coil diameter small or aperture and appear more targets.Compared with manual operation, it can significantly improve the detection efficiency and avoid quality problems caused by omission.

3. The DELTA robot is used in the finished packing process of small circuit boards.

Existing FPC plate are by artificial pick up one by one and put them in the blister tray inside, because FPC soft and thin when picking up the inconvenient so efficiency will be greatly reduced, Delta800 plus a set of visual system can pick from a messy FPC heap qualified and then put into the blister tray in accordance with the requirements, the effect is not inferior to the human.His speed can reach 60 pieces /min, which can completely replace manual sorting and packing.

Industrial robots are replacing artificial advantages in the PCB industry.

Like the automobile industry and other manufacturing industries, industrial robots have brought many advantages to the enterprise in the industry of PCB.

1. Reduce labor, speed up the work tempo and improve work efficiency.The robot can achieve high speed repeatability, which can be much higher than the manual work beat, resulting in a large increase in work efficiency and a decrease in labor cost and management cost.

2. Improve operation accuracy and improve product quality.The robot can use the programming and visual system to achieve accurate positioning and repeatability, effectively improving the product quality.

3. Avoid potential threats to the health and safety of workers, and save the investment in environmental safety.

4. Reduce the effect of repetitive and boring processes on the status of workers, resulting in the reduction of efficiency and quality and accident rate;

5. Optimize the operation process and reduce the working space.

6. Effectively reduce the material consumption rate.

7. 24-hour continuous operation and operation in the black light environment;

8. Make the manufacturing process flexible.In the future, the PCB industry will have more and more small orders, and industrial robots can greatly improve the flexibility of production and realize the rapid delivery of orders.