Analysis on PCB circuit of automatic voltage stabilizer of generating set

- Oct 20, 2018-

The PCB circuit of automatic voltage stabilizer of electric generating set introduced in this case has the characteristics of good pressure stability, strong adaptability and low cost, which can be used for automatic pressure stabilizer of various medium and small internal combustion generating sets and hydropower station, and also can be used to transform the old type generating sets.

PCB circuit operating principle this generator set automatic voltage stabilizer PCB circuit is made up of synchronous trigger power supply PCB circuit, relaxation oscillation trigger, voltage stabilizing control PCB circuit, reactive current regulating PCB circuit, external power shortage protection PCB circuit.

The synchronous trigger power PCB circuit consists of a power transformer T, a rectifier diode VD4~VD9, a stabilized diode VS1 and a resistor R1.

The circuit consists of transistor V2, single junction transistor VU, resistor R2~R5 and capacitor C2 and C3.

The voltage stabilizing PCB circuit is composed of power transformer T, rectifier diode VD10~VD15, resistor R6~R8, potentiometer RP2, capacitor C1, and voltage stabilizing diode VS2 and VS3.

Reactive current regulating PCB circuit is composed of current transformer TA, potentiometer RP1, switch S1 and rectifier diode VD16~VDl9.

The excitation PCB circuit is made of the equal excitation winding WE of the alternator G;Diodes VD1, VD2, the normally closed contacts K1~1 of thyristor VT and K1, fuse FU1, etc.

External power deficiency protection PCB circuit is composed of resistor R9~Rl2, diode VD25~VD31, transistor V1, capacitor C4~C8 and relay K2.

Magnetized PCB circuit is composed of magnetized button S2, diode VD2O~VD24, normally closed contact K1~2, fuse FU2 and W4 winding of T.

After the triphase ac voltage crystal from generator G is lowered by T, 30V three-phase sine ac voltage is generated on the winding w5-w7 of T, and 18V three-phase sine ac voltage is generated on the winding w8-w1o.After the voltage on the w5-w7 windings is rectified by vd4-vd9, reduced by R1 and stabilized by VS1, the dc voltage of the 15V trapezoidal wave is generated, which serves as the synchronous power source of the relaxation oscillation trigger.After the voltage on the w8-w1o winding is adjusted by VD1O~VD15, R6 and RP2 limiting voltage and C1 filtering, PCB circuit consisting of R7, R8, VS2 and VS3 is added to the relaxation oscillation trigger as its control signal voltage.

At the beginning of generation of generator G, the voltage at both ends of C (the input voltage of the PCB circuit measured by bridge) is low, VS2 and VS3 are not switched on, and the relaxation oscillation trigger does not work.When the terminal voltage of generator G rises to 200V, VS2 and VS3 breakdown and conduct, making the relaxation oscillation trigger work, output the pulse wave signal from vvu's first base pole, which is added to VD3 to VT's gate pole as its trigger signal.Thus, the generator sets up the no-load voltage in a short time.