High Frequency With TG150 PCB

High Frequency With TG150 PCB

High Frequency With TG150 PCB

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Brief Introduction:

High frequency with Tg150 pcb is reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic laminates
(Not PTFE) designed for performance sensitive, high volume commercial applications. Double
sided and multilayer RO4003C PCB and hybrid RO4003C PCB are available at Bicheng company
at present. Double sided RO4003c PCB with thickness 12mil (0.305mm), 20mil (0.508mm) and
32mil (0.813mm) are the bestsellers. We provide prototype runs, small batches and volume
production services.

1) Excellent high frequency performance due to low dielectric tolerance and loss;
2) Excellent dimensional stability.
3) Low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant;
4) Low Z-Axis expansion;
5) Low in-plane expansion coefficient;
6) Stable electrical properties verus frequency;

1) Attenuator, Automatic gate induction;
2) LNB's for direct broadcast satellites;
3) Microstrip antenna, spread spectrum;
4) Microstrip and cellular base station antennas and power amplifiers;
5) RF identifications tags
6) Spread spectrum communications systems
7) Trunk amplifier, splitter module etc.


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