High Frequency PCB RO4350B 2 Layer

High Frequency PCB RO4350B 2 Layer

High Frequency PCB RO4350B 2 Layer

Product Details

General description
High frequency PCB RO4350B 2 layer is a type of high frequency PCB built on RO4350B for the application of balanced amplifier. It's a 2 layer RF PCB board at 0.8 mm thick. It's immersion gold finish with solder mask and silkscreen from Taiyo. It's fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using supplied Gerber data. Each 10 boards are packed for shipment.

Features and benefits
1. The dielectric constant (DK) is low and stable, so the signal transmission is good without delay.
2. The characteristic of low dielectric loss makes the signal loss at a lower level, which makes the signal
transmission of the whole equipment excellent.
3. Delamination of copper foil will not be caused by the change of cold and heat due to the consistency
with the thermal expansion coefficient of copper foil.
4. Immersion gold has excellent surface planarity, particularly helpful for PCBs with BGA packages or even CSP mounted components to reduce failure rate during assembly and soldering.
5. UL, ISO certified PCB manufacturing factory.
6. Make delivery on time keeping 98% on-time-delivery rate.
7. Eligible products rate of first production: >95%
8. Experienced sales persons provide skilled customer services.
9. Fast and flexible to save the time of production from prototype to standard production

High frequency PCB RO4350B 2 layer is widely used in Amplifier, Multicoupler, antenna, Sound control switch induction, Combiner.


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