Single Side Layer PCB Plating Board

Single Side Layer PCB Plating Board

High quality Single Side Layer PCB Plating Board made in China from professional Single Side Layer PCB manufacturers and suppliers in China. Feel free to check quotation with our factory.

Product Details

Printed Circuit Board capabilities include:

3 High Speed Surface Mount Lines

Prototype Line

Auto Insertion Equipment

Spade Insertion Equipment

Multiple Automated Optical Inspection machines

Full In-House X-Ray Capabilities

BGA and Micro BGA capabilities

Vapor Phase reflow technology

Tin Lead Wave

Lead-Free Wave

1 -20 Layer PCB for Electronic Products. FR4 PCB, LED PCB, Aluminum based PCB, HDI PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, heavy copper PCB, and PCB assembly, all kinds of PCB and LED PCB wtih high quality and compititive price, Pls contact us for details...

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