Driverl 2v Pcb LED Assembly

Driverl 2v Pcb LED Assembly

Hot Selling low cost rigid-flexible pcb,machine control FPC mainboard. The FPC is adhesive to stainless steel or aluninium base as heat sink. So the FPC mainboard will not be over heat even the current is high in machine control. This kind of FPC mainboards are widely appled in printers, industrial control and medical.

Product Details

LED Driverl 2v pcb

Brand Name:FOUND

Model Number:FR4 PCB prototype/FPC Assembly

Base Material:Polyimide

Copper Thickness:0.5-3OZ

Board Thickness:0.2-6.0mm

Min. Hole Size:0.20mm, 0.2mm(8mil)

Min. Line Width:0.1mm/4mi, 0.1mm(4mil)

Min. Line Spacing:0.1mm/4mil, 0.1mm(4mil)

Surface Finishing:HASL Lead Free/OSP /ENIG, HASL Lead Free/OSP /ENIG

Surface Treatment:HASL-LF

Finish Copper:1/2OZ 1OZ 2OZ 3OZ

Layer:1-20 Layers

Usage:pcb manufacture and assembly