CEM-1 CEM-3 FR4 Single Sided Customized PCB

CEM-1 CEM-3 FR4 Single Sided Customized PCB

The CEM-3 market application UL believes that CEM-3 and fr-4 can be interchanged, so fr-4 dual-panel is usually used as the replacement object.Since CEM-3 is similar to fr-4 performance, it is also possible to substitute on multilayer boards.Because the printed circuit board price competition is very fierce, so the four floor board market has also started to consider the choice of CEM-3.However, for the sheet (<0.8mm), the price advantage does not exist.CEM-3 printed circuit boards are now used in fax machines, photocopiers, instruments, telephones, automotive electronics, household appliances and other products.The earliest domestic development, development and production of CEM-3 manufacturer is shenzhen Pacific insulation materials co. LTD.The CEM-3 produced by the company is generally 10~15% cheaper than FR-4, and the product quality meets international NEMA and IPC standards.In recent years, some other copper foil factories in China have also started to develop or batch production of the new composite substrate.

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       Found Pcb, established  in 2005, Shenzhen Found  Printed Circuit Board Co., Ltd. is part of Found group. Found PCB dedicated to provide one-stop service, to meet highest technology,quality and quick turn over challenges with lowest cost.

       Electronic products with double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards are now generally fr-4 base material, which is a copper foil flame retardant epoxy glass cloth board.CEM-3 is a new type of substrate material developed on the basis of fr-4.In recent years, Japan has used CEM-3 to replace fr-4, even more than fr-4, and about 55% of both panels are CEM-3.A, CEM - 3 is a kind of compound FR - 4 is made up of copper foil and copper foil board by of flame retardant epoxy resin impregnated glass fiber cloth laminate, and CEM - 3 unlike FR - 4 adopted the composite glass cloth and glass mat base material, also known as composite base material, rather than to simply glass cloth.The production process of CEM-3 is similar to that of fr-4, and the glue on the glass felt can be made of vertical glue or horizontal glue. The epoxy resin system used is the same as that of fr-4.To improve performance, a certain amount of filler is usually required.The suppression pressure is generally half as low as the fr-4.In order to meet the different thickness requirements, the glass felt of different scales can be used, and 50g, 75g and 105g are commonly used.

   Shenzhen Found Printed Circuit Board Co., Ltd.specializing in manufacturing printed circuit board from single layer to mutilayer layer , is estalished with a professional team in the area of marketing,production, testing and customer services.By introducing advanced technology and equipment at home and aboard, we supply products with FR4 laminate,Metal Laminate(Aluminium Based and Copper Based) and high frequency board, which are used in safty,lighting,telecommunication,industrial control,Medical equipment and etc. Over 60% of our products are exported to Europe, America,Japan and other Asian area.

    In order to further adapt to SMT assembly of electronic products, light and thin, miniaturization, multi-functional direction development, CEM - 3 class base material remains to be further improved and improve, mainly from the following four aspects: 

1. Optimization of packing.The crystal type, viscosity, crystal water quantity and dosage of the filler will affect the resistance, dimension stability and porosity of the forming substrate.

2. Improvement of resin system.It can improve the high frequency characteristics of the base material and the reliability of machining and hole metallization.

3. The improvement of non-woven glass felt and the surface treatment of glass fiber are beneficial to improve the insulation resistance under humid conditions.

4. The ratio of glass fiber length can improve dimensional stability.With the continuous improvement and improvement of the performance of CEM-3 substrate, the application in the world is becoming more and more popular.In recent years, in addition to Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan region in CEM - 3 of the production, application development is very rapid, the growth rate is far higher than FR - 4, believe to the next century, this kind of new composite substrate will gain greater development.Domestic electronic product designers are not serious enough to familiar with and understand CEM - 3 products, the main reason is that the manufacturer is little, propaganda is not enough, so use the CEM - 3 PCB electronics is not very common, as Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong and Taiwan investment in mainland China factories, believes the next few years will promote the development of the production and application of CEM - 3.

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CEM-3 performance CEM-3 to replace fr-4, it must achieve the various properties of fr-4.At present, CEM-3 has overcome the defects of early CEM-3 products such as punching metal quality, warping degree and dimensional stability by improving resin system, glass felt and laminating process.CEM-3's vitrification temperature, penetration resistance, anti-stripping strength, water absorption rate, electrical breakdown, insulation resistance and UL index can all meet the fr-4 standard, and the difference is CEM-3 bending low strength.Model NO.: OT6001L388 Dielectric: CEM-1 CEM-3 FR4 Application: Consumer Electronics Mechanical Rigid: Rigid Base Material: Copper Brand: Lefang Layer: 1 Layers Solder Mask: Green Min. Aperture: 0.2mm Trademark:FOUND Specification: 96*122mm HS Code: 8534009000 Type: Rigid Circuit Board Material: Fiberglass Epoxy Resin + Polyimide Resin Flame Retardant Properties: V0 Processing Technology: Electrolytic Foil Insulation Materials: Organic Resin Base Material/ Dielectric: Sy, Kb, Iteq, Isola, Rogers Surface Treatment: HASL LEAD FREE Board Thickness: 1.6mm Line Width/Spacing: 3mil/3mil Transport Package: Inner; Vacuum Packing Origin: Shenzhen, China


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