Aluminum Led Bulb Pcb Led Circuit Board

Aluminum Led Bulb Pcb Led Circuit Board

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Product Details

Aluminum led bulb pcb led circuit board


Model Number:Led PCB- 009, PCB Assembly

Base Material:Aluminum Base Laminate

Copper Thickness:12um-35um

Board Thickness:0.8,1,1.2,1.5,1.6 and 2mm

Min. Hole Size:0.7mm

Min. Line Width:0.35mm

Min. Line Spacing:0.35mm

Surface Finishing:OSP

Layer:Single LayerSolder

Mask Color:White / Black

Combustibility:UL 94v0 Standard

Breakdown Voltage:2V-4.5V

Special Technology:BGA can be 2.5mil, aperture(min)0.075mm,MID

thermal Conductivity:0.8W/m K,1.0W/m K,1.2W/m K,1.5W/m K,2.0W/m K

V-cut:Angle: Standard 30°


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