White Heavy Copper 6OZ PCB

White Heavy Copper 6OZ PCB

White Heavy Copper 6OZ PCB

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General Profile:
PCB copper foil with a nominal thickness of over 105 μm is generally referred to as a heavy copper foil or thick copper foil. Printed circuit boards made of heavy copper foil and super-thick copper foil can be called heavy copper printed circuit boards or thick copper PCB. The applications and demands of heavy copper PCB have been rapidly expanded in recent years, making it become a kind of "hot" PCB variety with a very good market prospects.

1) The copper weight of the track ≥105μm
2) The most designs are plane winding coil of wire
3) Withstand high current and have good heat dissipation

Typical Applications:
1) Power convertion module boards which are used in automotive electronics and electric equipment;
2) DC-DC converters for hybrid electric vehicles;
3) Power electronics technology

PCB Products:
1) FR-4 up to 12oz (420μm)
2) Metal core up to 10oz(350μm)
3) Ceramic core up to 10oz(μm)


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