Single Sided PCB With 3OZ Copper

Single Sided PCB With 3OZ Copper

Single Sided PCB With 3OZ Copper

Product Details

1. General description:

Single Sided PCB With 3OZ Copper is a type of single sided PCB board built on FR-4 Tg135 substrate for the application of power tester. It's 1.6 mm thick with white silkscreen on blue solder mask and HASL lead free on pads. The base material is from ITEQ supplying 1 up single board. They are fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using supplied Gerber date. Each 50 panels are packed for shipment.

2. Features and benifits:

A. RoHS compliant and suitable for thermal reliability needs
B. Excellent wetting during component soldering and it can avoid copper corrosion.
C. PCB manufacturing on required specifications.
D. Products and Manufacturing are certified by authorized organizations.
E. Eligible products rate of first production: >95%
F. Free stencil shim sent for new user

3. Application:

Single Sided PCB With 3OZ Copper is applied for PLC, Wireless Repeater,Sound Systems, 24 Port Switch, Electronic Cash Register, GPS Tracking Chip, 3G Technology, Electrical Inverter, System Access, Industrial controls.


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