Rogers4003C 1W/MK 3w/MK PCB

Rogers4003C 1W/MK 3w/MK PCB

Rogers4003C 1W/MK 3w/MK PCB

Product Details

Rogers4003C 1W/MK 3w/MK PCB


Shenzhen, China

Production Capacity:

32000 Pieces Per Month

Payment Terms:

T/T, Western Union, Paypal


Metal Base Rigid PCB




Aluminum Base


LED Lighting

Flame Retardant Properties:


Processing Technology:

CNC Mill

Rogers4003C PCB Capability:
Metal core PCB's are thermal management circuit boards which use a base metal material as the heat radiator part of the PCB. They are used in high heat generating application like LED lighting in the area of high power LED lighting, Automotive Interior, Exterior Lighting, Parking Garage Lighting, LED spot light etc. The metal core can be aluminum (aluminum core PCB) and copper (copper core PCB). The most common used aluminum core PCB is the thermal conductivity at 1W/MK and 3W/MK.

1Type of Metal CoreAluminum, Copper, Iron
2Model of Metal CoreA1100, A5052, A6061, A6063, C1100
3Surface FinishHASL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver, OSP
4Thickness of Surface platingHASL: Sn>2.54µm, ENIG: Au 0.025-0.1µm, Ni 2.5-5µm
5Layer Count1-4 Layers
6Maximum of Board Size23" x 46" (584mm×1168mm)
7Mininum of Board Size0.1969" x 0.1969" (5mm×5mm)
8Board Thickness0.0157" x 0.2362" (0.4-6.0mm)
9Copper Thickness0.5OZ(17.5µm),1OZ(35µm),2OZ(70µm),3OZ(105µm),4OZ(140µm) to 10oz(350um)
10Minimum Track Width5mil (0.127mm)
11Minimum Space5mil (0.127mm)
12Minimum Hole Size0.0197" (0.5mm)
13Maximum Hole SizeNo limit
14Minimum Holes PunchedPCB thickness <1.0mm: 0.0394" (1.0mm)
PCB thikness 1.2-3.0mm: 0.0591" (1.5mm)

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