Rigid-Flex Aluminum TG150 PCB

Rigid-Flex Aluminum TG150 PCB

Rigid-Flex aluminum TG150 PCB

Product Details

Rigid-Flex aluminum TG150 PCB

Product capability

· Rigid PCB up to 30 layers

· Flexible PCB up to 6 layers

· Rigid flex PCB up to 20 layers

· Metal based PCB up to 8 layers

· Materials used: FR4, high TG FR4, halogen-free FR4, high-frequency, ceramic, aluminum or copper based, polyimide, PTFE hybrid

· Surface finish: HAL, lead-free HAL, immersion gold, silver, tin, OSP, hard gold-plated, ENEPIG, carbon ink, blue mask

· DHI technology: 1+n+1, 1+1+n+1+1, 2+n+2, 3+n+3, stacked vias available

· Other special technology: conductively (or non-conductively) via filling, edge plating, back drill, heavy copper (up to 14oz), via in PAD filling, extremely large or thick PCB, microwave and RF circuit boards

Company Information:
Shenzhen Found Printed Circuit Bosrd CO., is located in the beautiful city: Shenzhen, near to Hong Kong, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Huizhou and so on, which is convenient for your visiting. Since the establishment of the company, we are committed to become a leading company of PCB system solutions. With 7000 square meters' of workshop area and over 300 employees, We offer a wide range of PCBs, such as single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, high frequency, MCPCB, and so on. Our customers are from over world in various industries, including Computer, Automotive, Medical Equpment,Digital Appliance,Home control, Consumer products, Telecom, etc.


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