Multilayer PCB On 1.6mm

Multilayer PCB On 1.6mm

Multilayer PCB On 1.6mm

Product Details

1. Introduction:

Multilayer PCB On 1.6mm is a type of 4 layer PCB board built on FR-4 Tg135 substrate for the application of Modem WiFi. It's 1.6 mm thick without silkscreen on black solder mask and immersion gold on pads.
The base material is from ITEQ supplying 24 up boards per panel. They're fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using supplied Gerber data. Each 25 panels are packed for shipment.

2. Advantages:

A. It's suitable for handheld and consumer applications.
B. High solderability, no stressing of circuit boards and less contamination of PCB surface.
C. Electrical test and high voltage test
D. 16000 square meter workshop
E. Diversified shipping method
F. ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL Certified

3. Application:

Multilayer PCB On 1.6mm is applied for GPS Tracker, Circuit Board, Mobile Signal Booster, Lan Hub, IP CCTV, Access Point Wireless, Cellular Repeater, Alert Systems, Program Logic Control, File servers.


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