Multilayer Blind Slot Pcb With Immer Gold

Multilayer Blind Slot Pcb With Immer Gold

8 Layer blind slot pcb with immersion gold and hasl surface treatment

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Just as its name implies, high frequency is that the frequency is relatively high, generally refers
to the frequency of >=300 MHz (i.e. wave length <=1m), that is, the usual radio frequency band.
The electromagnetic wave of frequency >=1GHz is called microwave.
Typical frequencies for wireless applications:
* Current mobile: 0.9GHz - 2GHz
* 3G systems: 2.5GHz
* Bluetooth: 2.5GHz
* GPS: 12.6GHz
* LMDS: 24GHz and 40GHz
* Automotive: 77GHz
Market: RFID, Wireless communications, base station and antenna, amplifier, military products,
consumer electronics.  
High frequency printed circuit board or microwave PCB refers to the printed circuit board made
on the high frequency (microwave) substrate copper clad plate. The common types are: Double
-sided board, multilayer board and mixed structure.
Mixed structure includes high performance special substrate, PP sheet + ordinary performance
board and PP sheet mixed pressing board; high frequency substrate + ordinary FR4 substrate;
high frequency substrate + metal base etc.

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