Multi-Layer Film Substrate Fr4 PCB Board Protype

Multi-Layer Film Substrate Fr4 PCB Board Protype

Shenzhen Found Printed Circuit Board Company is a professional pcb manufacturer has over 10 years experience,we supply products with FR4 laminate(Aluminum Based and Copper Based) and high frequency board,which are used in Electronic Security,lighting,telecommunication,industrial control,Medical equipment and etc

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Incandescent light is emitted from a wire suspended in space. Incandescent bulb-designers spent a lot of time and energy trying to redirect the light into a particular direction and beam pattern. One natural advantage of LEDs is that LED light is emitted from a surface and is already very directional - so they are a natural fit into under-counter lighting and desktop lamps. Usually the LEDs are integrated into the fixture - so there are no replaceable parts. Figure 1 is again the block diagram for the above. An MOV is once again the guardian of the AC input, and are usually sized as a percentage of the total design cost. Thus, more expensive units will warrant a larger and more effective MOV device.

One important aspect of task lighting is that it can be unplugged and is often portable. Typically housed in plastic materials that do not drain away static charge, ESD becomes a potential issue. The most vulnerable components are the LEDs themselves. Usually ICs and other electronics are protected by various components on the controller PCB, although not always. One scenario for disaster is that someone decides to move an LED desk lamp from one side of a carpeted room to the other. It is unplugged, grasped by the light-emitting end, walked across the carpet and when the user goes to plug it in, the static charge built up on the journey is discharged from their hand, through the LEDs, through the driver electronics, through the cord and back to earth. ("Honestly! It worked over there, but now it's dead!") ESD protection around the LEDs is key to the survival of these designs.


 Multilayer PCB eletronic Fr4 PCB impedance controlled printed Circuit Board with blind buried via

This is a type of multilayer PCB built on FR-4 substrate with Tg 150°C for the application of
Monitoring Systems. It's 1.6 mm thick with white silkscreen(Taiyo) on green solder mask (Taiyo)
and immersion gold on pads. The base material is from ITEQ supplying 44 up PCBs per panel.
They're fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using supplied Gerber data. Each 2 panels are packed
for shipment. 

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Requested information for Flex PCB:  1. Gerber file & BOM list if possible 2. PCBA Samples 3. Testing procedure & Testing fixtures 4. Order Quantity 5,ODM Capability: Till now we have successfully developed Analogue high performance FM transmitter, Wide frequency  stereo transmission circuit, SSB communication system, High performance wave receiving antenna,  Digital Frequency Hopping Radio Set, Digital Addressing communication system, etc. Moreover, We  fulfill establishing DNC Wireless to specialize in wireless module as 0-3000MHProcessing Technology: Electrolytic Foil Base Material: Copper Insulation Materials: Organic Resin Base Material/ Dielectric: Sy, Kb, Iteq, Isola, Rogers Layer: 1-22 Layers Solder Mask: Black Copper Thickness: 1oz Board Thickness: 1.6mm Min. Aperture: 0.2mm Surface Treatment: Enig


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