Metal Core Rogers4350B PCB

Metal Core Rogers4350B PCB

Metal Core Rogers4350B PCB

Product Details

Metal Core Rogers4350B PCB


Shenzhen, China

Production Capacity:

20000 Sqm/Month

Payment Terms:

L/C, T/T, Paypal


Rigid Circuit Board

Flame Retardant Properties:




Base Material:


Insulation Materials:

Metal Composite Materials

Processing Technology:

Electrolytic Foil

Technical Capabilities

Max panel size32" x 20.5"(800mm x 520mm)
Min trace width/ space (inner layer)4mil/4mil(0.1mm/0.1mm)
Min PAD (inner layer)5 mil(0.13mm)hole ring width
Min thickness(inner layer)4 mil(0.1mm)without copper
Inner copper thickness1~4 oz
Outer copper thickness0.5~6 oz
Finished board thickness0.4-3.2 mm

Board thickness tolerance control
±0.10 mm±0.10 mm1~4 L
±10%±10%6~8 L
±10%±10%≥10 L
Inner layer treatmentbrown oxidation
Layer count Capability1-30 LAYER
alignment between ML±2mil
Min drilling0.15 mm
Min finished hole0.1 mm
Hole precision±2 mil(±50 um)
tolerance for Slot±3 mil(±75 um)
tolerance for PTH±3 mil(±75um)
tolerance for NPTH±2mil(±50um)
Max Aspect Ratio for PTH8:1
Hole wall copper thickness15-50um
Alignment of outer layers4mil/4mil
Min trace width/space for outer layer4mil/4mil
Tolerance of Etching+/-10%

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