Metal Core Rogers4003C PCB

Metal Core Rogers4003C PCB

Metal Core Rogers4003C PCB

Product Details

Metal Core Rogers4003C PCB


Shenzhen, China

Production Capacity:

20000square Meter/Mon

Payment Terms:

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal


Rigid Circuit Board

Flame Retardant Properties:



Aluminium Base PCB

Base Material:


Insulation Materials:

Organic Resin

Processing Technology:

Delay Pressure Foil

Parameters & Data Sheet

PCB SIZE65 x 65mm=1PCS
Number of LayersSingle sided PCB
Surface Mount ComponentsYES
Through Hole ComponentsNO
LAYER STACKUPcopper ------- 35um(1oz)
1W/MK dielectric material
Aluminum 5052
Minimum Trace and Space:14mil/15mil
Minimum / Maximum Holes:2.5/8.5mm
Number of Different Holes:4
Number of Drill Holes:18
Thermal resistance(°C/W)≤0.45
Breakdown Voltage(VDC)4000
Impedance Controlno
Thermal conductivity1W/MK dielectric material, MCPCB
Final foil external:1oz
Final foil internal:0oz
Final height of PCB:1.6mm ±0.16

Metal core circuit boards:

Metal core or IMS (Insulated Metallic Substrate) circuit boards are an excellent alternative to standard circuit boards, if the circuit boards are exposed to large mechanical loads, or a high level of dimensional stability is required, or high temperatures must be conducted away from power components or LED's.

The thermal conductivity assisted by the aluminium cores in the circuit boards makes higher packing densities, longer operating times, and improved security against failure possible, such as for LED technology and for high power transistors.

Additional application areas for this technology include: high current application, power LED's, SMDand power circuit boards. The high thermal conductivity permits a quick and effective transfer of the heat produced.

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