Immersion Silver 3w/MK 5w/Mk PCB

Immersion Silver 3w/MK 5w/Mk PCB

Immersion Silver 3w/MK 5w/Mk PCB

Product Details

Immersion Silver 3w/MK 5w/Mk PCB

Port:Shenzhen, China
Production Capacity:50000pieces/Year
Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Structure:Double-Sided Rigid PCB
Material:Polyester Glass Fiber Mat Laminate
Application:Consumer Electronics
Flame Retardant Properties:V0
Processing Technology:Electrolytic Foil

1.1 General description

This is a type of mixed PCB built on 10mil RO4003C substrate and FR-4 combined for the
application of SMS Gateway. It's 1.12 mm thick with 4 layers copper of 1oz weight each layer,
white silkscreen on blue solder mask and immersion silver on pads. The base material is from
Rogers Corp supplying single up PCB per panel. They're fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using
supplied Gerber data. Each 25 boards are packed for shipment.

1.2 Features and benifits

a. RO4003C exhibits a stable dielectric constant over a broad frequency range. This makes it
an ideal substrate for broadband applications;
b. Reducing signal loss in high frequency application meets the development needs of
communication technology;
c. Cost reduction over stack-ups with all low loss material;
d. AOI inspection;
e. Electrical test and high voltage test;
f. Wide range of PCB supplying;
g. UL recognized and RoHS Directive-compliant;
h. IPC Class 2 / IPC Class 3.

1.3 Application

Low noise amplifier, Optical coupler, Frequency converter, 4G antenna

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