Immersion Gold Heavy Copper PCB

Immersion Gold Heavy Copper PCB

Immersion Gold Heavy Copper PCB

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Immersion Gold Heavy Copper PCB


Shenzhen, China

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Fr4 PCB Immersion Gold




Immersion Gold


Consumer Electronics

Flame Retardant Properties:


Processing Technology:

Delay Pressure Foil

Technical capabilities:

Max layer count20L
Max board thickness6.0mm
Max aspect ratio10:1
Max copper thickness6OZ
Max dimension600x700mm
Min thickness of 4 layers PCB0.4mm
Min hole/ pad0.15/0.35mm
Hole location accuracy+/-0.05mm
PTH hole tolerance+/-0.05mm
Min line width and line space0.065/0.065mm
Surface treatmentHASL/HASL lead free, OSP, Immersion gold/silver/tin, gold plating (hard gold and soft gold), silver plating, tin plating, platinum plating, carbon ink, and ENEPIG(electroless nickel - electroless palladium - immersion gold)

We specilized in :
Ucreate is specialized in the production of a variety of single, double, high multi layers, HDI, the metallic substrate and FPC PCB. With laser drilling machine, CNC drilling machine, automatic machine, automatic exposure machine, large-scale lamination machine, Automatic flow production line, auto panel plating line, auto P.T.H Line, and other precision production equipments and AOI testing machine, flying probe tester machine and other advanced detection equipments.

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