Immersion Gold 3OZ FR4 PCB

Immersion Gold 3OZ FR4 PCB

Immersion Gold 3OZ FR4 PCB

Product Details

General description:

Immersion Gold 3OZ FR4 PCB is a type of RF PCB built on 30mil RO4350B substrate with Tg 280°C for the application of Wireless Communication. It's 0.80 mm thick with 2 layers copper, white silkscreen over green solder mask and immersion gold are on pads. The base material is used from Rogers Corp., entire board supplying 1 PCB up. They're fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using supplied Gerber data. Each 25 boards are packed for shipment.

Features and benifits:

a. The dielectric constant (DK) is low and stable, so the signal transmission is good without delay;
b. Excellent high frequency performance due to low dielectric tolerance and loss;
c. The characteristic of low dielectric loss makes the signal loss at a lower level, which makes the
signal transmission of the whole equipment excellent;
d. Gold finish has long storage time,it can be stored for more than 1 year in vacuum bag;
e. 16000 square meter workshop;
f. Meeting your PCB needs from prototype to mass production;
g. Small quantity order is accepted;
h. Hassle-free, one-to-one after-sales service.


Immersion Gold 3OZ FR4 PCB is applied for Splitter, Directional coupler, Spread spectrum, I/O Amplifier.


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