FR4 With Immersion Gold PCB

FR4 With Immersion Gold PCB

FR4 With Immersion Gold PCB

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With the development of electronic communication technology, the communication frequency is becoming higher and higher, and the high frequency signal transmission, need to use low dielectric constant (Dk), low dielectric loss (Df) but expensive special materials. These materials have cyanate and high frequency materials such as ceramic based materials (PTFE/Ceramic), hydrocarbons / ceramic based materials (Hydra Carbon/Ceramic). Usually these materials are expensive. Reducing the cost is an important means for customers to improve the competitiveness of products. Therefore, the customers adopt the laminated structure of mixed materials in the design of PCB, that is, the necessary signal layer uses high-frequency materials to meet the needs of signaltransmission. Other line layers are made of conventional fiberglass epoxy FR-4, which we call a hybrid board.

Available high frequency material (Core)
RO4350B RO4003C
4mil (0.1mm) 8mil (0.203mm)
6.6mil (0.168mm) 12mil (0.3mm)
10mil (0.254mm) 20mil (0.508mm)
13.3mil (0.338mm) 32mil (0.813mm)
20mil (0.508mm) 60mil (1.524mm)
30mil (0.762mm)
60mil (1.524mm)


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