FR4 Double Side Layer PCB

FR4 Double Side Layer PCB

Manufacturing and customization brand: tongming model :55 mechanical rigidity: rigid layer number: double-sided base material: copper insulation material: organic resin insulation layer thickness: conventional board flame retardant property :VO plate processing technology: calendering foil...

Product Details

Manufacturing and customization

brand: tongming 

model :55 

mechanical rigidity: rigid 

layer number: double-sided base 

material: copper 

insulation material: organic resin insulation 

layer thickness: conventional board 

flame retardant property :VO 

plate processing technology: calendering foil 

reinforcement material: fiberglass base 

insulation resin: epoxy resin (EP)

The test process of design and manufacture of blind embedded hole plate is as follows:Customer demand analysis 02:PCB production 03: component production 04: material quality inspection 5: welding and assembly 06: overall quality inspection and shipmentPrinciple drawing of printed circuit board design process including the design of the electronic components database logon design for blocks electronic components configuration confirm wiring configuration and the final inspection in the process of the process, no matter where to have found the problem on working procedure, must be returned to the process, to confirm or modify 1. Design principle of figure 2. The device packaging3. Network generated PCB 4. Ink-jet printed PCB figure 5. Plate preparation liquid transfer 6. Perforated welding 7.

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