Double Sided 0.6mm Copper PCB

Double Sided 0.6mm Copper PCB

Double Sided 0.6mm Copper PCB

Product Details

Double sided copper pcb:

Double sided copper pcb is a unique metal core pcb characterized by good heat dissipation and good electrical insulation. The thermal diffusion can be treated effectively in the circuit design, which can reduce the operating temperature of the product, improve the power density and reliability of the product, and prolong the service life of the product.

Key technology breakthough:

1. Drill technology
2. Press and hole-filling technology

3. Contour profiling technology

Basic production method:

1. The primary through holes with larger 0.5mm-1.0mm than the finished holes are drilled on the pure copper plate, then the finished holes are drilled by the method of pressing and filling glue, which provides a prerequisite that there's no short circuit with the pure aluminum plate.
2. According to the copper plate lamination program, copper foils are pressed on both sides of copper plate to complete the basic fabrication of double-sided copper PCB.
3. Other processes can be made as standard double sided PCB.


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