Blind Buried Via TG150 PCB

Blind Buried Via TG150 PCB

Blind Buried Via TG150 PCB

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The buried via is the hole made between inner layers used to interconnect the inner layer signal. It can not be visible from surface layers of top and bottom layer. Generally, they're often used on the mobile phone,PDA board etc.

A) Reduce the probability of signal interference;
B) Keep the continuity of the characteristic impedance of the transmission line;
C) Save wiring space, suitable for high density and high speed circuit board design;

Blind Buried Via TG150 PCB is applied for mobile phone, PDA boards, telecommunications, complext modules.

Serial NO.ProcedureItemManufacturing capability
Large volume (S<100 m²)Middle volume(S<10 m²)Prototype(S<1m²)
1Inner layer(18um, 35um, 70um etc are finished copper. If not mentioned copper, finished 1oz is the default value )Min.isolation of layers0.1mm0.1mm0.06mm
2Min.track and spacing5/5mil(18um)4/4mil(18um)3/3.5mil(18um)
7Min.distance from drill to conductor4 Layer 10mil,6 layer 10mil,8-12 layer 12mil4 layer 8mil,6 layer 8mil,8-12 layer 10mil,14-20 layer 14mil,22-32 layer 18mil4 layer 6mil,6 layer 6mil,8-14 layer 8mil,16-22 layer 12mil,24-32 layer 14mil
8Min.width of annular ring on inner layer4 Layer 10mil(35um),≥6 Layer 14mil(35um)4 Layer 8mil(35um),≥6 layer 12mil(35um)4 Layer 6mil(35um),≥6 Layer 10mil(35um)
9Inner layer isolation ring width(Min)10mil (35um)8mil (35um)6mil (35um)
10Min.via pad diameter20mil (35um)16mil (35um)16mil (35um)
11Min. distance from board edge to conductor(no copper exposured)(inner layer)14 mil(35um)12 mil(35um))8 mil(35um)
12Maximum copper weight(Inner layer and outer layer)3 OZ( 105 um )4 OZ ( 140 um )6 OZ( 210 um )
13Core with different copper foil on both sides/18/35,35/70 um18/35,35/70 um


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