Aluminium Based Metal Core PCB

Aluminium Based Metal Core PCB

Aluminium Based Metal Core PCB

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Product Description:

Aluminum base copper-clad laminate have excellent flame retardant, high mechanical strength, dimensional stability etc. Especially it has very good heat sink, electromagnetic shielding and solder float.

It's widely used for the modifier and sparker on fire for motorcycle and mobile, power LED, sound box, power supply module and acoustics shielding system etc.


  • We specially produces Metal Base Copper-Clad Laminates, and our products have been compiled series with all complete specifications.

  • The tapy and specification of Aluminum based Laminates CCAF-01, CCAF-04-A, CCAF-05etc. And 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, etc.

  • Thickness of the copper: 18um, 35um, 70um, 105um.

  • Base size: 500mm ×, 600mm (20"×, 24"); 600mm ×, 1060mm (24"×, 42")

  • The test base: CCAF-01 the high heat dissipation Aluminum-base copper-clad laminate

  • Thickness of the copper: 35um

  • Thickness of the diclectric: 70um

  • Thickness of the aluminum-base: 1.5mm

Technique parameter:

Test itemTechnology requestUnitTest result
1Peel StrengthA≥ 1.8N/mm2
After thermal stress (260ordm;C)≥ 1.8N/mm1.8
2Blister test AfterThermal stress (260ºC, 2min )No delaminating/Ok
4Thermal resistance≤ 2.0ordm;C /W1
5Surface ResistivityA≥ 1 × 10 5M Ω5 × 10 7
Constant humidity treatment≥ 1 × 10 5M Ω2 × 10 6
(90%,3 5 ordm;C,96h)

6Volume ResistivityA≥ 1 × 10 6M Ω· m4 × 10 8
Constant humidity treatment≥ 1 × 10 6M Ω· m5 × 10 7
(90%,3 5ordm;C ,96h)

7Dielectric Breakdown ( DC )≥ 28.5Kv/mm31
8Dielectric constant (1MHz )≤ 4.4/4.2
(40 ordm;C,93% , 96h )

9Dielectric dissipation factor (1MHz )≤ 0.03/0.02
(40 ordm;C, 93% ,96h )

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