Multilayer Fr-4 Immersion Gold With Counter Sink Holes Pcb

Multilayer Fr-4 Immersion Gold With Counter Sink Holes Pcb

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MaterialFR4,  TG130, TG140, TG160, TG170
Surface treatmentHASL,Chemical Tin,ENIG(Immersion GOLD),
OSP,IMT,Plating silver,GOLD Finger
LayersSingle-sided,double-sided,4 layers, 6,8,10,12 Layers
Maxi. board size800mmX508mm
Line width/space0.1mm/ 0.1mm
Board thickness0.2mm-4mm
Min.tolerance of Board thickness +/-8% - 10%
Copper foil thicknessOut Layer: 17.5um/35um/70um/105um/140um/175um
nner Layer: 17.5um/35um/70um/105um/140um
Outline  ToleranceCNC routing:+/-0.1mm , Punching: +/-0.1mm
V-CUT registration +/-0.15mm
PTH hole copper thickness15um-50um
Warp and twist<=1%
Min. registration of hole position +/-3mil(+/-0.76mm)
Min.punching hole0.8mm(Board thickness below 1.0mm .)
Min.Punching Square slot(Board thickness below 1.0mm, 1.0mmX1.0mm)
Registration of printed circuit +/-0.076mm
Min.drill hole diameter0.2mm
Min.tolerance of hole diameter +/-0.05mm 
Thickness of surface treatmentPlating Gold:(Ni4um-6um ,Au 0.1um-0.5um),     
Immersion GOLD:  (Ni 5um-6um,Au:0.0254um-0.127um),
Plating Silver:(Ag 5um-8um)
V-CUT degree tolerance +/-5(degree)
V-CUT Board thickness 0.6mm-3.2mm
Min.Legend width0.1mm
Min.Solder mask width0.1mm
Min.Solder mask ring0.05mm 

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