Integrated Flight Control ESC PCB

Integrated Flight Control ESC PCB

Layer: 4L
Material: FR4
Thickness: 1.60mm
Finish Copper: 1OZ
Surface treatment: Immersion Gold +Gold Finger
Minimum line width/space: 0.18/0.20mm
Brand: Found

Product Details

Integrated Flight Control ESC PCB

Shenzhen Found Printed Circuit Board Co., Ltd can provide all kinds of printed circuit board (PCBS), including single sided PCB, 2 layer PCB, mutilayer PCBS, HDI PCBS are request for the production of Integrated Flight Control.

As PCB Supplier for more than 14 years, we are very professional, not only in PCB production, but also in after-sales service and logistic, our advantages show as following:

1. Quotation for Integrated Flight Control ESC PCB within 24 hours, urgent offer within 1 hours;

2. Rich experiences in Integrated Flight Control ESC PCB, professional suggestions from design stage in order to avoid anyimpracticable design;

3. Rich experience as PCB supplier enhances our understanding of oversea clients' requests, especially requests from European customers;

4. Different from other PCB suppliers, we can accept sample order, small series,as well as mass production;

5. Experienced engineering team clear EQ at quick time;

6. Individual QCs from PCSB Sourcing are lodging at factories to follow production and double check semi-finished & finished PCBs to ensure good quality;

7. Logistic department will ensure your PCBs to be delivered in quickest time and low shipping cost.

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