Copper PCB Heavy Copper PCB Hard Gold Metal Core

Copper PCB Heavy Copper PCB Hard Gold Metal Core


Product Details

General description
This is a type of 4 Layer Rogers PCB built on 0.508 mm (20 mil) RO4350B with Tg 280°C for the
application of GPS tracker. Multilayer PCB's on Rogers material have different structure (stack up)
from FR-4 multilayer PCB's, because the core of Rogers material is semi-manufactures. For this 4
layer high frequency PCB, it uses 2 cores of 20mil RO4350B. Usually blind via from layer 1 to layer
3 is hard to be drilled. On the other hand, the back drill technology can solve this problem of signal

Basic specifications
Base material: RO4350B 20 mil + RO4450B 4 mil
Layer count: 4 layers
Type: Mixed multiplier milled separately
Format: 70mm x 125mm = 1 piece
Surface finish: Immersion gold
Copper weight: Outer layer 35 um/ Inner layer 18 um
Solder mask / Legend: Green / white
Final PCB height: 1.42 mm
Standard: IPC 6012 Class 2
Packing: Each 25 panels are packed for shipment. 
Lead time: 12 working days
Shelf life: 6 months
Features and benefits    
Excellent high frequency performance due to low dielectric tolerance and loss;
Low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant;
Stable electrical properties verus frequency;
Back drilling reducing noise interference;
ISO9001, ISO14001, UL certified manufacturing factory;
Strict WIP inspection and monitoring as well as working instruction;
30000 square meter month capability;
8000 types of PCBs per month;


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