Aluminum Covered Copper Single Sided FR4 PCB Assembly

Aluminum Covered Copper Single Sided FR4 PCB Assembly

Shenzhen Found Printed circuit Board co.,Ltd,established in 2010, has been playingleading role as a professional manufacturer of all kinds of highprecision PCBs in the past decades. With the ongoing investment in research, equipment and updating system of management, we have enjoyed a sound reputation in the field of PCB, and stand out in today’s market with fierce competition. Located in Shenzhen, our company has about 200 staff and a PCB workshop with about 8000 square meters. Our products are mostly used in the field of LED Linghting, and have good performance in all kind of functional test. Our perfect management, advanced equipments, and professional staffs are the keys for us to fight to win more market shares with other competitors. Customer‘s satisfaction and support are what we have been strived for. Now we have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS and UL certificates. With constant hard work of our staff and ongoing support from customers both home and abroad, we can provide up to 24 layer, 6oz copper, High TG, AL-base to our customers with fast turn and high quality level.

Product Details

  One of the key functions for automotive electronics lies in entertainment and communication among which smart phones and tablet computers require HDI PCBS Therefore, some technologies contained in HDI PCBs such as micro via drilling and plating and lamination positioning are also applied in automotive PCB manufacturing.

Up to now, with the rapid change of automotive technologies and constant upgrading of automotive electronic functions, applications of PCBs will become multiplied. For engineers and PCB manufacturers, their attention must be paid to new technology and new content so that they are capable of meeting higher automotive requirements. As one of leading PCB manufacturers in the world, PCB art is fully ready to provide automotive PCBs with high density and creativity in order to be contributive to the development of automobile industry.


-Lead free HASL surface finish compliant ROHS requied
-4-layer PCB
-FR4 1.6T 1OZ
-20up V-cut panel routing(CNC)
-Surface finsih: OSP, HAL, Immersion Gold, Gold finger and lead free HASL
-solder mask color: green, red, white, yellow and red
-min finished hole size with 0.2mm

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Min.drilled hole size 0.25mm Min.line width 0.075mm(3mil) Min.line space 0.075mm(3mil) Surface finish/treatment HASL,OSP,Immersion tin,Immersion Gold Immersion Silver/Gold Finger ,Gold Plating, Selective OSP Immersion Gold Copper thickness 0.5-4.0oz Solder mask color green/black/white/red/blue/yellow Inner packing Vacuum packing,Plastic bag Outer packing Standard carton packing Hole tolerance PTH:±0.076,NTPH:±0.05 Profiling Punching Routing,V-CUT,Beveling Assembly Service Providing OEM service to all sorts of printed circuit board assemblyLayer 1-22 layer Material FR4, CEM1, Aluminium Base, Cooper Base, High frequency material  Thick copper foil,94-V0 (HB), PI Material, Roger, High TG:SL S1000-2,ITEQ:IT180. Board thickness 0.2mm-7mm Max.finished board side 610mm*1200mm


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