Hard Gold PCB Blind Buried PCB

Hard Gold PCB Blind Buried PCB

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Product Details

Hard Gold PCB Blind Buried PCB

gold finger gold thickness 30u"

Product Description

OEM/ODM Services:

Layers1-22 layersMin. line width2mil

Max.board size (single&doule


700*1200mmMin.annular ring width: vias3mil
Surface finish

HAL(with Pb free),plated Ni/Au,

Immersion silver,Imm Ni/Au,Imm Sn,

hard gold,OSP,ect

Min.board thickness(multilayer)4layers:0.4mm;6layers:0.6mm;8layers:1mm;10layers:1.2mm
Board materials

FR-4; high Tg; high CTI; halogen free; high frequency(rogers,taconic,


ISOLA,polyclad 370 HR); thick copper

Plating thickness (Technique:

Immersion Ni/Au)

Plating type: Imm Ni, Min./Max thickness:100/150U'' Plating type: Imm Au, Min./Max thickness:2/4U''
Impedance control± 10%

Distance between

line to board edge

Outline: 0.2mm V-CUT: 0.4mm

Base copper thickness(Inner

and outer layer)

Min. thickness:1/3 OZ Max.thickness:6OZMin.hole size(board thickness ≥2mm)Aspect ratio≤16
Finished copper thicknessOuter layers:Min.thickness 1 OZ,Max.thickness 10 OZInner layers: Min.thickness 0.5OZ,Max.thickness 6 OZMax.board thickness(single&doule sided)6mm


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