1oz Each Copper Layer Multilayer PCB

1oz Each Copper Layer Multilayer PCB

1oz Each Copper Layer Multilayer PCB

Product Details

Parameter and data sheet

Number of Layers4
Board TypeMultilayer board
Board Size194.40 x 212mm=24UP
Board Thickness1.6mm +/-0.16
Board MaterialFR-4
Board Material SupplierITEQ
Tg Value of Board Material135ºC

PTH Cu thickness≥20 um
Inner Iayer Cu thicknes35 um (1oz)
Surface Cu thickness35 um (1oz)

Solder Mask Type and Model No.LPSM, KSM-S6189BK31

Solder Mask ColourBlack
Number of Solder Masks2
Thickness of Solder Mask14 um

Type of Silkscreen Inkn/a
Supplier of Silkscreenn/a
Color of Silkscreenn/a
Number of Silkscreenn/a

Mininum Trace (mil)7.9 mil
Minimum Gap(mil)5.5 mil

Surface FinishImmersion gold
RoHS RequiredYes

Thermal Shock TestPass, 288±5ºC,10 seconds, 3 cycles.
No delamination, no blistering.
Solderablity TestPass, 255±5ºC,5 seconds Wetting Area Least 95%
Function100% Pass electrical test
WorkmanshipCompliance with IPC-A-600H & IPC-6012C Class 2
Drill table (mm)T1: 1.500
T2: 1.525


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