10OZ PCB 4.0mm PCB Blind vias PCB

10OZ PCB 4.0mm PCB Blind vias PCB

Technical and Capability Shenzhen Factory I (Focus on Prototyping, Quick turn, Medium batch) FAQ Q1:What's your Aluminum board Thermal Conductivity? A: Normally 0.8-3W/m.K. If you have special demands please feel free contact us Q2:Is my PCB file safe if I send it to you for manufacturing?...

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10 OZ PCB 4.0mm PCB Blind vias PCB

Q7: Can I get a sample?
A: Yes, It's reasonable to get a sample to test our quality at first.

Q8: Does FOUND bevel gold fingers?
A: Yes. A standard 45-degree bevel, also bevel at 15 or 30 degrees upon request. For multi-layer board, please ensure there is adequate back set for the bevels.

Q9: Why choose us?
A: With FOUND, customers significantly and effectively reduce their global procurement costs. Behind each service provided by FOUND, is hidden a cost saving for customers.

. We have two shop together, one is for prototype, quick turn, small volume making. The other is for mass production also for HDI board, with highly skilled professional employees, for high quality products with competitive price and on-time delivery.

. We provide very professional sales, technical and logistic supports, on a world-wide basis.hours complaint feedback

10 OZ PCB 4.0mm PCB Blind vias PCB 

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